OG Test 2 - Passage II

Questions 12-14 are based on the following passage.

Carrie's Chocolate Shop and Tamika's Treat Shop both sell candy in boxes. The table below lists the price (the total amount the customer pays) of each box of candy sold at the shops. For each shop, there is a linear relationship between the price of a box of candies and the number of candies in that box. These are the only numbers of candies that can be purchased at the shops. ACT、act题库、act模考、act考满分

Question 12

Jeremy has $10.00 in quarters to spend on candy. What is the maximum number of quarters he would have left after paying for a box of 25 candies at Tamika's Treat Shop? (Note: Each quarter is worth $0.25.)

  • F 10

  • G 17

  • H 22

  • J 23

  • 30

Question 13

At Tamika's Treat Shop, what is the average price per candy in a box of 20, to the nearest $0.01 ?

  • A $0.08

  • B $0.19

  • C $0.23

  • D $0.30

  • E $0.45

Question 14

Which of the following equations gives the relationship between the price in dollars, c, and the number of candies, n, in a box of candies at Carrie's Chocolate Shop?

  • F c=0.2n+0.5

  • G c=0.3n

  • H c=0.5n+1,5

  • J c=n-3.5

  • c=1.4n-5.5