OG Test 1 - Passage II

Questions 16-30 are based on the following passage.

The following paragraphs may or may not be in the most logical order. Each paragraph is numbered in brackets, and question 29 will ask you to choose where Paragraph 2 should most logically be placed.

Ghost Signs

116Seeing remnants of outdoor advertisements from a bygone 17era, they are called "ghost signs." I search for them on city streets, in town squares, and along country roads. Some are weather-beaten billboards; others are faded murals painted years ago on the sides of old buildings. Whatever words 18remain Fruiterer...Apothecary...Gramophones...Pan-Handle Coffee-are often barely legible, pale fragments of yesterday's consumer culture 19should strike me as silly or sad. After all, there they are: advertising 20products and businesses that no longer exist. Yet, they themselves survive without 21apology, with instead, their simple claims and complex colors. The contrast draws me in every time.

2I collect ghost signs. Not the signs themselves, but photos of them. 22Driving home from school one, chilly October evening, my collection got its start. I had made the same drive countless times before, but I had never noticed the sign.

3Then there it was, an ad for "Joe's Café," perched atop a metal pole, which 23was upright under a cape of kudzu vines. Maybe it was the way the 24setting sun's illumination of the yellowing plastic. Maybe it was the small hole, 25a clue to vandalism or of a hailstorm. 26Instead, something about the sign touched me. I pulled over. In the twilight, I got out of the car, snapped a picture with my phone, and sent it to some friends. I vowed to return with my camera to better capture the forlorn, luminous beauty of my discovery. Since that dusky evening, I have been happily haunted by ghost signs.

4Once in a while, I take a friend with me on my searches. People who know of my fascination will point me to where they think they have seen a ghost sign. Favorite finds include an ad for sliced bread, one for a "modern" motel, and yet another forfountain pen repair services. As fun as it is to have company, my best hunts have been 27solitude trips. I appreciate the beauty of ghost signs more when 28I like the signs, am alone.

Question 16


  • G The sight of remnants

  • H To see remnants

  • J Remnants

Question 17


  • B era that is no more,

  • C era of another time,

  • D era of times past,

Question 18


  • G remain-

  • H remain,

  • J remain:

Question 19


  • B that should

  • C they should

  • D should they

Question 20


  • G products and businesses,

  • H products, and businesses

  • J products: businesses

Question 21


  • B apology, with, instead,

  • C apology with instead,

  • D apology with instead

Question 22


  • G Driving home from school one chilly October evening was the beginning of my collection.

  • H I started my collection one chilly October evening, driving home from school.

  • J The start of my collection came to me driving home from school one chilly October evening.

Question 23

Given that all the choices are accurate, which one echoes a central point the writer makes about ghost signs?


  • B was not what interested me,

  • C might have been wood,

  • D was disappearing

Question 24


  • G illuminating setting sun on

  • H sun illuminated the set on

  • J setting sun illuminated

Question 25


  • B evidence of

  • C evidently

  • D DELETE the underlined portion.

Question 26


  • G On the other hand, something

  • H Meanwhile, something

  • J Something

Question 27


  • B solitarily

  • C solitaire

  • D solo

Question 28


  • G I, like, the signs

  • H I, like the signs,

  • J I like, the signs,

Questions 29 and 30 ask about the preceding passage as a whole.

Question 29

For the sake of logic and cohesion, Paragraph 2 should be placed:

  • A where it is now.

  • B before Paragraph 1.

  • C after Paragraph 3.

  • D after Paragraph 4.

Question 30

Suppose the writer's primary purpose had been to describe starting-and enjoying a new hobby. Would this essay accomplish that purpose?

  • F Yes, because it presents the event that led to the narrator becoming interested in finding ghost signs and taking photographs of them.

  • G Yes, because it describes the narrator's experience of learning from a friend where to find ghost signs and how much fun the search itself can be.

  • H No, because it uses negative terms such as lonely and forlorn to describe the narrator's experience of collecting ghost signs.

  • J No, because it instead describes two hobbies­-photography and collecting ghost signs-and does not indicate which one gave the narrator more pleasure.


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