OG Test 1 - Passage I

Questions 1-14 are based on the following passage.

The Object of Love

1 [A] I was waiting at the veterinarian's office recently with my cat when a young woman came 1in. After she sat down next to me, she asked if I would mind if she took her pet iguana out of its carrier. It was just a baby, she said, and it liked being held. [B]

2 Now, I'm not fond of iguanas. [C] They're strange, unpredictable creatures that belong deep in a rain forest, 2walking on the ground or resting high in the 3trees, which are hidden in the canopy. 4Wishing to be polite, but with reluctance in my voice, I told the woman that I didn't mind. She thanked me as she popped open the plastic carrier and pulled the iguana out, onto her lap.

3 I guardedly examined the animal: A dinosaur-like thing, it was the size of a cat but armored in gray-green scales, with a black-striped, whiplike tail two feet long. 5It had a spine with tiny spikes, and its muscular limbs ended with what resembled crinkly leather gloves drawn tightly over fine-boned human hands. When I looked more closely, I saw a tiny claw at the tip of each slender finger.

4 The woman began to pet the iguana under its chin, and the little dragon arched its neck and closed its eyes. The reptile's calmness amazed me, as did the 6caress that was given tenderly from the woman to her pet and watched it peacefully rest. With a twinge of pity, I thought how sad it was for 7us to lavish so much affection on something .that couldn't love her back.

5 At that moment, the iguana slowly opened its eyes, which shone 8large and bright, from its scaly face. [D] Head slightly cocked, it 9regarded me, steadily and fixedly, like a judge 10delivering a verdict.

6 "Who are you," it seemed to ask me, "to name the proper object of love?"

7 The veterinary assistant called for my 11cat, and me from the hallway that leads to the examination area. A bit unsettled, I rose and picked up my cat carrier. As I walked from the waiting room into the hall, I glanced back and saw the iguana snuggle down into the young woman's lap, [un:12]looking[/n:12] as content as a kitten, and close its eyes again.

Question 1


  • B into the veterinarian's office where I was.

  • C in, and there I was, waiting in the office;

  • D in while I was waiting there.

Question 2

Which choice provides the most vivid description of iguanas on the floor of a rain forest?


  • G scuttling through dank undergrowth

  • H living underneath the treetops

  • J moving about down low

Question 3


  • B trees, they are

  • C trees,

  • D trees;

Question 4

The writer is considering deleting the underlined por­tion. Should the underlined portion be kept or deleted?

  • F Kept, because it suggests that the narrator had pre­viously sat next to an iguana, out of its carrier, at the veterinarian's office.

  • G Kept, because it emphasizes the narrator's feelings about the iguana being taken out of its carrier.

  • H Deleted, because it characterizes the narrator in a manner that's inconsistent with how the narrator is characterized in the rest of the essay.

  • J Deleted, because it detracts from the paragraph's purpose of providing background information about iguanas.

Question 5

Given that all the choices are accurate, which one provides the most precise description of the pattern of spikes on the iguana's spine?


  • B I saw spikes that looked like they were just beginning to develop,

  • C There were small spikes on its armored back,

  • D Rows of budding spikes lined its spine,

Question 6


  • G tenderness with which the woman caressed her pet

  • H woman caressing her pet tenderly

  • J tenderness the woman showed

Question 7


  • B the woman

  • C people

  • D you

Question 8


  • G large and bright from,

  • H large, and bright from

  • J large and bright from

Question 9

Which of the following alternatives to the underlined portion would NOT be acceptable?

  • A scrutinized

  • B supposed

  • C appraised

  • D considered

Question 10


  • G having a delivery of

  • H in deliverance with

  • J deliver

Question 11


  • B cat, and me from the hallway,

  • C cat and me from the hallway,

  • D cat and me from the hallway

Question 12


  • G like as if it was giving off the impression of being

  • H appearing something like

  • J sort of like it was

Questions 13 and 14 ask about the preceding passage as a whole.

Question 13

Upon reviewing the essay and finding that some information has been left out, the writer composes the following sentence incorporating that information: She told me that her iguana especially liked attention when it was· in unfamiliar surroundings, and that this was its first trip to the veterinarian. If the writer were to add this sentence to the essay, it would most logically be placed at:

  • A Point A in Paragraph 1.

  • B Point B in Paragraph 1.

  • C Point C in Paragraph 2.

  • D Point D in Paragraph 5.

Question 14

Suppose the writer's primary purpose had been to describe a moment in which a person notices something unexpected while observing his or her surroundings. Would this essay accomplish that purpose?

  • F Yes, because it describes what the narrator, while waiting at the vet, perceived to be a surprising bond between a woman anq her pet iguana.

  • G Yes, because it recounts a moment when the narrator, while waiting at the vet, realized people often don't know when they're being impolite.

  • H No, because it instead tells the story of why the narrator doesn't like iguanas.

  • J No, because it instead focuses on providing information about the physical characteristics of iguanas and their habitat.


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